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Over the past several decades, the discourse and publications on China and India have been dominated by the issues of border conflicts and tensions between the two countries. On the other end of this spectrum are those who embellish the relationship between the two countries with jargon to create unconvincing depictions of the past, present, and future of China-India connections. The bickering, speculative predictions, and pointless embellishments have resulted in the neglect of many interesting facets of the China-India interactions and exchanges that took place within civil society, the contributions of lesser-known actors, and the myriad of things that were produced to facilitate, celebrate, or interrogate the connections between China and India. This blog will engage with such overlooked aspects with the aim of facilitating a more meaningful exploration of the longue dureé of interactions between China and India. Those interested in contributing to this endeavor should write to me at the email address

The Materiality of Friendship

Kongfuzi as an Archival Source for China-India Interactions during the 1950s

Tansen Sen

Professor of History
Director of the Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai

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