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Tzu-hui Celina Hung is an Assistant Professor of Literature at NYU Shanghai. Prior to joining the University, Hung was a Visiting Assistant Professor and Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she taught for the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and the Department of Comparative Literature. Hung’s research centers on issues in the Sinophone culture in the context of globalization, Chinese migration and its changing sociocultural networks, postcolonial conditions in archipelagic Southeast Asia, Anglophone literature, and the discourses of creolization and multiculturalism (particularly as manifested in contemporary Sinophone and Asian societies). Hung is currently completing a book project that examines multilingual articulations of creolization at the turn of the twentieth century and onward, by writers and filmmakers hailing from Southeast Asia with peranakan Chinese and other closely-connected backgrounds, amid a nexus of sociopolitical and cultural forces. She has also begun a second book project that traces the history, and identifies the impact, of Taiwan’s parallel cultural politics of indigenous and new-immigrant representations.

Research Interests
  • Modern Chinese and Sinophone Studies
  • Anglophone Literature
  • Chinese and Asian Migrations
  • Southeast Asian Studies
  • Creolization and Multiculturalism
  • PhD, Comparative Literature
    Stony Brook University



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