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Take a step into China-India artistic interactions in the 20th century

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China and India have had a long history of cross-cultural interactions, especially through Buddhism. Through such connections, philosophical, literary, and artistic interactions between China and India have blossomed like twin flowers on one stalk. This virtual exhibition showcases nearly one hundred paintings by Chinese artists illustrating artistic entanglements between the two countries during the twentieth century. Included are masterpieces by Zhang Daqian, Gao Jianfu, Ye Qianyu, and Shi Lu, as well as other lesser known individuals such as Chang Xiufeng. In addition to revealing the dynamic cultural exchanges and influences between China and India, the paintings exhibited in this virtual exhibition are also representative of intra-Asian interactions and circulations during the late colonial period and early phase of decolonization in world history.

The first gallery showcases some of the key works of Chinese artists who traveled to India. The second exhibits paintings that illustrate the fusion of Chinese and Indian motifs. The paintings in the third gallery reflect the daily lives of people in India drawn by Chinese artists. The fourth gallery displays a series of traditional Chinese landscape paintings done by Chinese artists who lived in India for several decades. The Special Gallery is dedicated to the works of Chinese philosopher and translator Xu Fancheng, who lived in India from 1945 to 1978.


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Masterpieces of
Cross-Cultural Interactions
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