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2021-6-11 to 2021-6-14
2021-6-18 to 2021-6-20
20:30-23:30 (Shanghai)


The International Workshop & Symposium on Annotation and Translation of Traditional Chinese Architecture Terminology

In Collaboration With

School of Architecture, Southeast University 東南大學建築學院

Key Scientific Research Base of Technology of Traditional Wooden Architecture (Southeast University), State Administration for Cultural Heritage, China 傳統木構建築營造技藝研究國家文物局重點科研基地 (東南大學)

Vanderbilt University 範德堡大學


Chen Wei, Professor, Southeast University  陳薇,東南大學,中國

Tracy Miller, Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University  梅晨曦,範德堡大學,美國

Zhuge Jing, Associate Professor, Southeast University  諸葛淨,東南大學,中國

Lala Zuo, Associate Professor, NYU Shanghai  左拉拉,上海紐約大學,中國

Program Overview


有鑑於此,東南大學陳薇、範德堡大學梅晨曦Tracy Miller及東南大學諸葛淨共同發起“中國傳統建築術語注釋與翻譯(The Annotation and Translation of Traditional Chinese Architecture Terminology,簡稱ATTCAT)”國際合作計畫,並每年舉辦工作坊與研討會,通過來自不同文化與語言背景的學者的共同研討,推進對中國古代建築術語的跨語境研究,加強對術語的共同認知。研討成果逐步通過開源數據庫(與公眾分享。


Chinese architecture is a critical component of global architectural heritage. Scholars of historic architecture around the world have been particularly fascinated by China’s traditional timber-frame system. However, the idiosyncratic technical terminology used to describe this system of building has long been an obstacle for scholars. Native and non-native speakers alike find it challenging to fully understand the terms and translate them into modern parlance and across cultural divides. Without a full understanding of the vocabulary used to describe Chinese architectural elements, this rich tradition remains largely inaccessible to an ever-expanding public interested in visiting, and more deeply understanding, China’s cultural heritage sites.

In the light of this, a group of scholars and architectural historians, led by Professor CHEN Wei (Southeast University, China), Professor Tracy Miller (Vanderbilt University, USA), and Professor ZHUGE Jing (Southeast University, China), initiated an international collaboration called the Annotation and Translation of Traditional Chinese Architecture Terminology (ATTCAT). The ATTCAT project is a workshop that meets annually and brings scholars from different countries and cultures together to study the meaning of technical terms in traditional Chinese architecture and develop full annotated translations with bibliographic references. By then publishing revised annotations in open-access databases, the ATTCAT project seeks to advance a common knowledge of Chinese architectural terminology and the heritage it describes.

The ATTCAT Workshop has been successfully hosted twice, first in 2018 and then in 2019. Although the 2020 workshop was canceled due to the pandemic, we are happy to announce that the 2021 workshop will be hosted by NYU Shanghai and organized by Professor Lala Zuo (NYU Shanghai). The event will take place over Zoom across two weekends: June 11-14; and then again from June 18-20.


Bai Ying 白穎 | Southeast University 東南大學

Benda, Yuh-Fen 許玉棻 | Vanderbilt University 范德堡大學

Campbell, Aurelia 金田 | Boston College 波士頓學院

Chen Wei 陳薇 | Southeast University 東南大學

Harrer, Alexandra 荷雅麗 | Tsinghua University 清華大學

Jia Tingli 賈亭立 | Southeast University 東南大學

Liu Yan 劉妍 | Kunming University of Science and Technology 昆明理工大學

Miller, Tracy 梅晨曦 | Vanderbilt University 范德堡大學

Murphy, Kevin | Vanderbilt University 范德堡大學

Ruitenbeek, Klass 魯克斯 | Asian Art Museum, Berlin 亞洲藝術博物館(柏林)

Steinhardt, Nancy 夏南悉 | University of Pennsylvania 賓夕法尼亞大學

Sun Xiaoqian 孫曉倩 | Southeast University 東南大學

Tang Cong 唐聰 | Chongqing University 重慶大學

Yan Wencheng 顏文成 | Independent Scholar 獨立學者

Yu Lina 俞莉娜 | Peking University 北京大學

Zhuge Jing 諸葛淨 | Southeast University 東南大學

Zuo Lala 左拉拉 | New York University Shanghai 上海紐約大學

Zwerger, Klaus | Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) 維也納工業大學

Student Participants

Cao Yiming 曹一鳴 | Southeast University 東南大學

Chen Baolong 陳寶龍 | New York University 紐約大學

Ding Boyi 丁伯儀 | Vienna University of Technology 維也納工業大學

Fu Shiyi 付詩怡 | Southeast University 東南大學

Guo Mian 郭勉 | Southeast University 東南大學

Hong Yun 洪雲 | Southeast University 東南大學

Jiang Jiayuan 蔣嘉元 | Southeast University 東南大學

Li Ke 李珂 | Southeast University 東南大學

Liu Shuo 劉碩 | Southeast University 東南大學

Miu Tongqian 繆彤茜 | Southeast University 東南大學

Wang Yuanyuan 王媛媛 | Southeast University 東南大學

Xie Qizhen 謝祺錚 | Southeast University 東南大學

Ye Cong 葉聰 | Southeast University 東南大學

Zhang Jing 張靖 | Southeast University 東南大學

Zhang Xu 張旭 | Southeast University 東南大學

Zhao Yue 趙越 | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETH) 蘇黎世聯邦理工學院

Zhao Yuqian 趙與謙 | Southeast University 東南大學

Zheng Qian 鄭倩 | Vienna University of Technology 維也納工業大學

Zhou Jun 周俊 | Southeast University 東南大學

Technical Support

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Language: English, Chinese

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