Chinese Overseas: A Mix of Expectations

Professor Gungwu Wang

地点: 101教室,上海纽约大学
日期: Friday, April 22, 2016
时间: 17:30 to 18:30 CST

There is no single story of the Chinese overseas. The different perspectives of sending territories and receiving ones have to be juxtaposed with those of the people who leave and the people who accept them. All these have further to be distinguished from the perspectives of the people who settled abroad in different parts of the world and want to remain Chinese. Furthermore, these perspectives change over time. In his talk, Professor Gungwu Wang will present these perspectives and in particular focus on that of expectations, comparing what “migrants” look forward to now as compared with those in the past, and what is significant about the differences.

Dr. Gungwu Wang, National University of Singapore University Professor and Emeritus Professor of Australian National University, received his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Malaya in Singapore, and his Ph.D. at the University of London. He was Professor of History at the University of Malaya; Professor of Far Eastern History and Director of Research School of Pacific Studies at the Australian National University. From 1986 to 1995, he was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong. His recent books include Wang Gungwu, Educator and Scholar, edited by Zheng Yongnian & K.K. Phua, (2012); Renewal: The Chinese State and the New Global History (2013); and Another China Cycle: Committing to Reform (2014). His dialogues on world history were edited by Ooi Kee Beng and published as The Eurasian Core and it Edges (2015);《移民及兴起的中国》(2005);《离乡别土:境外看中华》(2007);《海外华人:从土地束缚到争取自治》(2008); 《华人与中国:王赓武自选集》(2013); 《五代时期北方中国的权力结构》 (2014);《1800年以来的中英碰撞:战爭、贸易、科学及治理》(2015);《更新中国:国家与新全球史》(2013)以及《另一个中国周期:致力于改革》(2014).

Professor Tansen Sen will be introducing Professor Wang.




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