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The Center for Global Asia, NYU Shanghai

The Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai serves as the hub within the NYU Global Network University system that promotes the study of Asian interactions and comparisons, both historical and contemporary. The overall objective of the Center is to provide global societies with information on the contexts in which connections are re-emerging between different parts of Asia through research and teaching. This includes exploring how Asian polities and societies have interacted over time and are now beginning to interact again on broad fronts. The Center also encourages the examination of Asia’s connections with the wider world, focusing specifically on the impact on Asian societies of these connections both past and present. Collaborating not only with the various NYU campuses and portal sites, but also with other institutions around the world, the Center seeks to play a bridging role between existing knowledge silos within Asian Studies. It will take the lead in drawing connections and comparisons between the existing fields of Asian Studies and in stimulating new ways of understanding Asia in a globalized world. 

Tansen Sen is Director of the Center for Global Asia and Professor of History at NYU Shanghai, as well as Global Network Professor at New York University. He specializes in Asian history and religions.

The New York Center for Global Asia, New York University

The New York Center for Global Asia is a hub focusing on Asia in its broadest definition, from prehistoric times to the present, its aim being to connect regions covered by Area Studies. It understands Asia as an expansive space of connective mobility and territoriality, spanning Silk Roads and the Indian Ocean from ancient times to embrace what are now Russia, East Asia, South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa, but also extending around the globe after 1500. It examines travels and connections of all kinds, exploring technology, economics, migrations, travel, tourism, language, literature, art, religion, political power, all kinds of ideas and material culture, and more. The Center’s Friday Colloquium is the venue for ongoing conversations based on research work and special projects by NYU faculty. A series of special events will punctuate the academic year, offering major opportunities for collaborative work.

David Ludden is Director of the Center for Global Asia in New York and Professor and Chair of the Department of History at New York University. His current work focuses broadly on histories of empire, capitalism, globalization, and the urbanization of agrarian environments in Asia. 

The Global Asia Initiative, NYU Abu Dhabi 

The NYU Abu Dhabi “Global Asia Initiative” is an interdisciplinary network of faculty working on Asia at NYU Abu Dhabi. It works as a platform for scholars to come together and discuss each other’s work, hosts talks by external speakers, and engages in thinking about curricular ideas. The Initiative draws its partners from the arts and humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and currently has over twenty interested faculty members. One of the Initiative’s primary interests is to offer insights into the study of Global Asia from the vantage point of western Asia, and to conduct new research on historical and present-day connections between West Asia and other parts of the Asian continent. The Initiative is currently planning its development into a formal NYU Abu Dhabi research center, having curated a series of talks across the divisions in spring 2018.  

Mark Swislocki is Director of the NYU Abu Dhabi “Global Asia Initiative”. He is also Associate Professor of History at NYU Abu Dhabi. He specializes in the history of China. His current research focuses on the environmental history of southwest China. 



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