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Summer Session I Course 2016 РThe Islamic World and China
One of the most significant geopolitical shifts of recent years has been China’s¬†increased interest¬†and involvement in the¬†Islamic world, from Afghanistan to Africa.¬†However, although such¬†connections are not new, scholars have rarely examined¬†the¬†long history of contacts between¬†the Sinic and the Islamic worlds comprehensively¬†and systematically. Assembling a wide¬†array¬†of primary and secondary sources on¬†different forms of Sino-Islamic encounters, this course¬†introduces the major events,¬†issues, and peoples that are involved in the complex interactions¬†between them. In-depth discussions of these topics will not only¬†provide students with new¬†perspectives on the histories of the Islamic world and China respectively, but also¬†historical insights to¬†gain a deeper understanding of the newly revived Sino-Islamic¬†connections,¬†China‚Äôs One Belt and One Road Initiative, and the¬†emerging China-US-Middle East¬†triangular relationship in the twenty-first century.

This course welcomes all students interested in the histories of the Islamic world¬†and China.¬†No special background is required,¬†though of course some knowledge of¬†the history of China¬†and/or the Islamic world will be a plus. Although it is a seminar¬†course (we meet twice weekly¬†for three hours per session), a fifteen-minute mini-lecture in each class will provide students with¬†some basic background knowledge.¬†We will then devote the rest of the class time to discussions¬†of the assigned readings¬†and¬†peer-critique of students‚Äô research projects. The course will also¬†include a¬†cultural component of site visit to the Niu Jie (ÁČõŤ°ó)¬†Mosque where Chinese Muslims¬†in Beijing live today.

Course: GCHN-SHU 165
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00PM-4:00PM
Instructor: Dr. Shuang Wen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Global Asia
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