Florence Catherine Nick

Visiting Student, Spring 2019

Florence is currently interning with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) on capacity-building for climate-change adaptation in Madagascar. Her thesis will be on gender roles and relations and the potential of the production of edible insects to generate an income for rural women in Madagascar. She is a student in her final year of the Joint Master’s Program, “Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security,” at the United Nations University and the University of Bonn. Her research focus is on environmental governance and human vulnerabilities with regard to environmental and climate risks. In 2017, she completed her Master’s degree at the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis in Nice, France, with a specialization in climate, risk, environment, and health. Her Bachelor’s thesis, which she wrote at the Institute for Development Geography of the University of Bonn, focuses on post-politics, opposition to international climate negotiations, and ethnographic observations.

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