Shuang Wen

CGA Postdoctoral Fellow 2016

PhD in Transregional History

Georgetown University

Shuang Wen is a historian of the modern Middle East and East Asia. Prior to joining NYU Shanghai as a Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Shuang held fellowships at the National University of Singapore and New York University Abu Dhabi. She received a PhD in Transregional History (modern Middle East and East Asia) from Georgetown University and an MA in Middle East Studies from the American University in Cairo. She also received additional Arabic-language training from the University of Damascus and Middlebury College. Before switching her career to academia, Shuang was a broadcast journalist for Phoenix Satellite Television InfoNews Channel in Hong Kong (香港鳳凰衛視資訊, 2003–2006). 

During her tenure at CGA, Shuang completed an article manuscript, which was later published in the Asian Journal of Middle East and Islamic Studies entitled “From Manchuria to Egypt: Soybean’s Global Migration and Transformation in the Twentieth Century.” This research and her other interests were featured by the American Historical Association in “Member Spotlight” and Perspectives on History.  Using Arabic- and Chinese-language primary sources from multi-sited research in mainland and Taiwanese China, Egypt, Syria, the UK, and the US, her forthcoming first book investigates the transformative processes of Arab-Chinese entanglements in the age of global empires from the mid-nineteenth century to the end of World War II.

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