Shujing Wang

Shujing received her B.A. from Peking University and obtained MPhil. and Ph.D. from the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University. Her Ph.D. dissertation Pastoralists at the Crossroads: Late Iron Age Kurgan Burials in the Periphery of the Bukhara Oasis investigated complex funerary practices, diverse identities, local production and exchanges in Late Iron Age (ca. 3rd century BCE–3rd century CE) western Central Asia. She is the field director of the archaeological excavations of the Bukharan burials in Uzbekistan. She has also excavated at various sites in China, Poland, and Armenia.

Her research interests include Central Asian and Chinese art and archaeology, intercultural exchanges along the Silk Roads, network study, pottery production and behavioral chain. Currently, she is working on the research project Rethinking the ‘Colonization’ on the Silk Road: Migration, Exchange, and Social Network of the Turfan Oasis from Late Antiquity to the Early Medieval Period. Her project aims to archaeologically visualize the interactions of different migrants via the Silk Road networks within the context of the encounter of diverse cultural traditions.



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