Weilin Pan

Fudan-NYUSH Joint Postdoctoral Fellow 2018-2019

Weilin Pan is Assistant Professor at the Institute of China Studies of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. From August 2019 to May 2020, she was a visiting scholar at the Harvard-Yenching Institute. Since 2014 she has been Adjunct Assistant Professor with the China Studies Postgraduate Program at Shanghai International Studies University. She earned her doctoral degree in history from Fudan University in 2010. She was a visiting scholar at APSI Duke University (2008ā€“2009) and the Carter Center, Atlanta (2015), and was the 2017 Robinson Scholar at the British Museum. Her academic interests include the material culture of modern China, China in modern English literature, and overseas Chinese Studies. She is the author of Un/Making the Hell Money: A Material Cultural History of Tinfoil in Southeast China (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2018) and the editor of Material Culture in Modern China (Shanghai Rare Book Press, 2015). Her new book project is about recycling in Maoā€™s China (1949-1976).

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